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Getting Started With LinxVR

LinxVR is a device and content management system for VR headsets. Find out more about using LinxVR for education.

Step 1: Register

To manage your devices you will need to log in to LinxVR. The Microsoft or Google account options are easiest because you won't need to remember a new password.

Step 2: Create an Organization

You will need an organization in which to enroll your devices. Contact support and we will set one up for you.

Step 3: Enroll Devices

Install LinxVR on your headsets by following these instructions.

Enroll devices into your organization by entering an enrollment code using the Scanner. Either scan the QR or enter the code manually using the on-screen keyboard.

Step 4: Manage Your Content

Upload VR content and create playlists to share on your headsets using the LinxVR Player.

Step 5: Manage Your Devices

Check charge levels and other device properties at a glance from the Administration Portal.

Any questions? Please contact support.